I’m Vincenzo

“I am an Italian wedding photographer based in Sicily, who travels all over Italy and abroad for weddings, elopements and engagement sessions.

I love to photograph real, authentic people who are not afraid to show their true feelings, their laughter and their tears, their emotions and their fears.

I love to photograph people who remove all filters and shields, without hiding their true personality from my lens.

Couples who choose me don’t need to pretend to be someone they are not, because I love they let me capture their true essence.”



semplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Marta and Steven


Marta and Steven are a young, beautiful, sunny and very romantic couple who have chosen a terrific location .

Castello Bevilacqua is an enchanted place, a castle dating back to 300, a perfect combination for an unforgettable day!

Marco and Veronica

Celebrating a wedding in Catania and realizing a dream in an environment that reflects the ideas of the spouses is like realizing your own fairy tale, the one you have always dreamed of for a lifetime. I had confirmation of this during Marco and Veronica’s day.

Roberta and Davide


I felt part of their family since the moment I got into their homes; I found a very excited family, a “living” home of people who came to admire Davide and Roberta during their most beautiful day.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Venice in Love

Venice is always a good choice when it comes to romance; the historic buildings as frame, the light reflected on the golden mosaics and on the water of the lagoon. It’s all extremely magical.

Marco and Federica chose Venice as the destination for their romantic getaway, fallen in love with the history and beauty of this city.

Nadia and Daniel

Outdoor wedding in Sicily, at Calvario di Cattolica Eraclea which tells an authentic story.

It was great to be part of the story of Daniel and Nadia. Getting married outdoors in this magnificent part of Sicily was a perfect choice, it made it possible to transform every emotion of that day into a magic, sometimes dreamy, sometimes real. There was spontaneity, big smiles, happy tears.

Salvatore e Rosaria

Matrimonio in Sicilia italo-tedesco per Salvatore e Rosaria

Si erano già sposati civilmente in Germania e poi hanno scelto di dire nuovamente SI davanti al Signore!
Vivono in Germania Rosaria e Salvatore, ormai da anni e si sono innamorati da giovanissimi.

Photographing Traveling through our beautiful country, Italy and abroad, creating images and memories for our customers is the realization of the dream of the wedding photographer Vincenzo Ingrassia.

On this page there are some of his works that tell of fantastic days and memorable parties, in the name of the love of two spouses and their families, of the friendship and affection with which they surround themselves to celebrate together.

The goal of the wedding photographer Vincenzo Ingrassia is to immortalize in a photo what is in the heart of the protagonists, hoping that it can be relived even after many years and thus cross the generations.

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